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If I am more positive about this series, sometimes I think of this series in the same way I do about the Alien Quadrology. For me, the Alien series ended with the second movie. The third and fourth movies I don't regard as my own personal canon. For me, in my own personal canon, I would have only the first two Mass Effect games. Aside from the brilliance of the Tuchanka and Rannoch segments, the rest of Mass Effect 3 is blah.

On a lighter note, the Tampa Bay Times rates the ending of Mass Effect 3 as one of the low points of video game history, ranking it with the Great Crash of 1983, the Super Mario Brothers movie, the Atari Jaguar, and the Playstation Home. Here is the article:

The writer sums up Bioware's mission thusly,

It won't however, repair what is easily a dark moment in gaming. Whether EA forced a change in the storyline to milk DLC sales or BioWare truly packaged and published such a lackluster resolution, the makers of Mass Effect 3 have their own suicide mission to undertake: Either change the ending and admit the game as released was only 99 percent complete, or accept the fact that your core audience thinks you're a pack of idiots.

Well, there's probably nothing they can do about that last one, in any case.
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