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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

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^Well, like the disclaimer says, the term can be used in non-profit contexts like articles, and there's nothing stopping people from using trademarks in casual conversation, or we'd be in trouble every time we typed the title of a TV show around here. But since Unchained Reaction is a profit-making commercial venture, they wouldn't be able to call their creations "Rube Goldberg machines" without obtaining a license from Rube Goldberg, Inc.
Yeah, I know all of that it just seems odd that it's a trademarked term since I've never heard such "machines" called anything else.

Part of me wonders how "it all worked in one go" really happened. In the MB episode where Jamie and Adam made a Rube Goldbe... err... "chain reaction machine" themed around the Diet Soda/Mentos reaction we see directly it took several tries to dial in the steps of the "machine." Not just as they worked on the different "steps" but as they worked on the machine as a whole.

Work on the Honda commercial "Cog":

Which was a RGM using pieces of a car took months of work to get it to work properly. (Yes, I know there's an edit in there as the entire "machine" couldn't fit in one space so it's actually two "machines" spliced together to look like one.)

Anyone who has tried to make such machines themselves or even a chain of standing dominoes knows it takes work to "dial in" everything.

So it seems odd to me that everything with these machines worked perfectly (save the tent collapsing) in one go.
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