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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Star Trek: Snow White: In the 23rd Century, seven warriors from the planet of the golden midgets (as seen in "Journey To Babel"), discover an ancient Earth probe containing the body of a young albino woman in suspended animation. Their analysis of the probe's data banks indicate that the only man who can revive her is still alive-- and is living the life of a corrupt and decadent prince in the heart of the Orion Empire. They immediately set out on a dark and gritty quest that will bring them to the very edgy edge of the galaxy-- for unless this snow white corpsicle is revived, the universe itself will perish! And there's no time to lose! But plenty of time for balls-to-the-wall action! Rated M for Mature!

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It is "Lilys" because the family name is Lily.
Ah, I see. Thanks.
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