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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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The regen isn't a bug per se: The ship actively uses healing and other abilities to counter whatever you attempt to use against it. They're designed for five man teams in some upcoming event. It was quite nice to see it use science team to clear my energy siphon for example. The ship even tries to keep its weak shield facings away from you.
In other words, it's awesome for those of us who blast through enemy AI like they're all morons. And now it's gone. Well, shoot.

Anyway, I give up on trying to use any ship other than my Excelsior. The results in a PvP match (On average, it's 3 equal ranked KDF vs me) The Defiant, moderate damage, and I'm blown up in under 30 seconds. The Sovereign, mediocre damage, and I'm blown up in under a minute. The Odyssey, mediocre damage, and I'm blown up in about 2 minutes. The Excelsior? I do much more damage, and when I do finally get taken down, it takes about 10-15 minutes.

The other day, 7 KDF (6 level 50 and 1 level 41) destroyed my Defiant in about 11 seconds. I got off a couple of shots, but no real damage to them. I came back 5 minutes later in my Excelsior and they were still there, so I re-engaged them. They did destroy my ship, but I took out 3 of them before they did, and it took them 5 minutes to take me down.

The equipment (shields, deflectors, impulse, and consoles) are all the same. Either I'm just so used to the Excelsior I can't really adjust to the other ships, or the Excelsior's just still the flat out best cruiser for a Tactical Officer playing PvP.
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