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Interesting because most modern takes on vampires don't use the "destroy the head vampire and they all die" angle.

It used to be a ferquently used part of the myth.

I think Klaus wasn't just telling Stephan "I gave you someone to hate"...he was speaking to the audience. But it's backfired, I hate him and find him an utter bore. Good villains make you want to see more of their dastardliness.
Very funny observation about Klaus. Like many of you guys I guess I'm a little bored with this season and I feel that Klaus has overstayed his welcome. At first I thought he was a pretty good villain, but now it just feels like the writers don't know what to do with him. Plus the show seems to be too cheap to show how different hybrids are from vampires or werewolves, which denies me at least some cool creature makeup or effects to keep me interested.

They are finally doing something with Alaric, but I still find the actor boring and I don't care.

I also wish more had been done with Cassidy Freeman. I wish she could've been a long running recurring character at least.
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