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Re: SimCity 5 on its way in 2013!

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You don't have a stable internet connection? I agree it's less than ideal, but 90% of my decision is going to be based on whether it's a good game. I don't think internet will account for much.
Whether I have stable internet connection or not doesn't matter, what matters is that I don't like being treated like a criminal every time I want to play I game that I bought. A one-time activation over the internet? Okay, that's less than ideal but I'll put up with that. But every single time? No, that's the line for a lot of us. The big publishers keep pushing and pushing with their DRM, they want more and more control over how we play and when. This is it, I'm not giving another inch.

There are some practical concerns, of course. My connection is reasonably stable, but every once in a while it does go down for a few hours. Not to mention gaming on my laptop which might not always be in a location with an internet connection. Why can't I play a SP game I purchased in those instances? Why should I be inconvenienced for owning a legal copy of a game?

EDIT: See, this is the path that EA wants to bring us down, banning people from games they've purchased for modding them, even just the single player part. Why? So that we pay for their DLC, not free mods made by the community. This is part of the purpose of online verification on launch.
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