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Re: Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions by David Mack Review Thread (Spoi

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I think "Starfleet" is a pretty darn generic name for a fleet of starships. And according to the OED, it's been used in other works of fiction besides Star Trek, and while ST popularized the term, there's at least one documented use of "star fleet" preceding ST, from a 1939 story by Lester Del Rey.
To be fair, "Starfleet" is used as a specific proper noun, too. Very rarely do characters say "the Starfleet" the way modern people will say "the Navy" or "the Air Force." So I can understand where Admiral_Young is coming from on that, too -- I just disagree, precisely because the word itself sounds so generic.

Besides, at the time the Commonwealth comes into being, the Terran Empire's been extinct for over 85 years. I think more people would remember the tyranny of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance by that point.
Well, I think it's safe to say that people would probably remember both. The Third Reich's been gone for almost as long in real life as the Terran Empire had been when Rise Like Lions ends, but it's not like the memory of Nazi Germany is in any danger of being supplanted by the memory of East Germany just because it's the more recent tyranny.
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