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Re: Why has the Janeway tag been removed from all threads?

If all the pork pies go missing AND I get fat... it's not hard to connect the dots.

Enterprise has never been that big. A dozen poeple in the enterprise forum would have to start spontaneously tagging who have never tagged before. Which is just unlikely.

This means that as a certainty that an Enterprise Moderator is at work diddling our Kathryn.


Some one is trying to get an Enterprise Forum moderator fired so that they can sweep in and fill up that sweet spot.

It's the plot from watchmen (And season one heroes, and Fight club (sorta?), and Hitler did in RL too.), that you bloody your own nose to seek sympathy, and blame all the wrongs in the world on a comfortable scapegoat who you claim to have thumped you who really really didn't. Watchmen the comic, not the movie. It was weird, the stories were identical almost until the last 5 minutes when the blue bastard started monologuing.

Did the Emperor blow up his own Deathstar?

A trench run seriously?

If they had "landed" a tire fighter on that exhaust vent they would have been super safe.

Maybe he sacrificed his first Deathstar so that prols wouldn't mind the deconstruction of the Imperial Senate?
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