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Re: Why has the Janeway tag been removed from all threads?

A modertor could get in trouble.

An administrator could be having a laugh.

Christian could be playing with us like a god.

we don't know how high this goes.


What they've done is artificially manipulating the tag cloud to think that there are no Janeway tags and a bugger load of Enterprise tags. I'm assuming once a month or week or timely duration, the cloud adjusts for drift (stategate much?) by taking an accurate census of the tags, which is why Janeway came back...

Unless there's a mod war going on.

If only a mod could take Janeway away, then only a mod could have brung her back.

When two mods got to war, go to war...

When two mods go to war, go to war...

We're like ants, or the French wondering what this thing called World War II was.
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