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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

"the worst episode in the history of TV?" wow. It's a pretty bad one, and a slap in the face to Kes and Lien I agree, but it's not even the worst episode of VOY, much less all of television.
Honestly, I've seen lots and lots of crap on TV in recent years but nothing worse than "Fury".

OK, "Threshold" was bad but it was at least funny in some places. "Fury" was only insulting to the fans, especially the Kes fans.
If "Fury" be Hell, you haven't even scratched Purgatory. There are far worse. The only things that come to mind offhand are a Jack Benny episode where he plays the violin off-key for an awkwardly long time. Like nails on a chalkboard and for minutes at a time. Then there's Route 66, a series I love, but it has one really horrible episode, "Is It True There are Poxies at the Bottom of Landfair Lake?" which has a monologue longer than the title. A boring guest star who's an a-hole tells a story, a really boring story. This goes on for 14-15 minutes! No interruption, no back and forth, just him telling this stupid story, and he's completely unlikeable. The most we see are the camera cutting to Tod & Linc or the guest stars and their eyes glazing over as he goes on and on and on and on.... This series had some long soliloquys, but I don't think any other clocked over 5 minutes and some of those were actually good. Not this one. Whenever that scene is on, it's like time stops, but he just can't shut up. No, it can get far worse from "Fury".

Having seen both of these made me realize early television experimented with some things you just don't see done on tv anymore, like very shrill chalkboard-esque sounds, especially for longer than 2 or 3 seconds or monologues almost as long as whole episodes way back (I'm referring to 15 minute soap operas).
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