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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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am I the only one who wanders around thinking things like....

do any of them know how to make cheese? what if they reform some sort of society and cheese becomes a lost art.

or chocolate. How long will it take before they can import cocoa again?

or bread. where does yeast come from? how are they going to make bread? do any of them know how to make baking soda? how are they going to make cookies? do I want to make cookies without chocolate chips? would a life without cheese even be worth living?
I'm sure it would be rediscovered eventually. And thankfully we haven't become a totally digital society yet. Theres still a lot of cultural data to be found in books.
lots of things burned down though. Not to mention librarys are usually in city centers that are likely to be over run with zombies.

we are doomed to a future with no cheese.
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