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Re: The Mystery Inside the TOS Primary Hull Support Pylon

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the upshot denies Timo's position that there is no reason to reject Mitchell's "James R. Kirk" on the grounds that it is more unreal (in this case he is allegedly merely confused or mocking) than claims of "James T. Kirk" in the series.
I think if someone other than a hostile called Kirk by "James R. Kirk" it would be more credible as a contradiction to "James T. Kirk". But to me it has no more weight than Kirk being a "Denebian Slime Devil" as intimated by a Klingon from "Trouble With Tribbles".

Deck 12, on the other hand, has no particular contradiction since TOS has shown officers' quarters being moved around the ship for various reasons and also nothing specific pointing to Deck 12 being in the neck.

I am digging the idea that the neck is just a connection where there are no actual decks but a series of crawlways and conduits and supports. Lateral planetary sensors on the "window ports" would also tie into the ship preferring to orbit a planet with one side facing it rather than having the planet directly above or below the ship, IMO
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