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Re: The 12 Worst Star Trek: DS9 Episodes Ever

Some episodes mentioned here I agree with. Others not so much.

One I hate is Extreme Measures. This is a boring, 45-minute walk through someone's subconscious. Sloan was a character we hardly knew and I certainly don't care about how he wanted to subconsciously apologize to his wife and family on his deathbed.

One reason I hate it so much is because it was slapped in the middle of the intense final arc and it was just dragged-out filler.

Also they made his subconscious look just like the station. A trick that they had used before. Why would someone who had only been on DS9 once even have the station in the recesses of his mind? Because we need to save money on sets.

I liked the idea of luring Sloan to DS9 to try to get a cure for Odo. I just think the execution was boring and poorly done. They could have made an intense interrogation aspect to it where Julian and Miles outwit or breaks down (conscious) Sloan to get the cure. Similar to the the classic scenes in Duet and The Die is Cast but they blew it.
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