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Re: Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions by David Mack Review Thread (Spoi

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^ Perhaps the MU Caeliar don't abhor violence...
Interestingly, it seems that most of the cultures of the Mirror Universe are the same or nearly the same as their Prime Universe counterparts -- except for Humans.

Then again, the MU Borg might have a completely different origin that doesn't involve the Caeliar at all. Think of all the different Borg origin stories floating around out of those might be the MU origin.
It's possible, but I think that would defeat the purpose of calling it a "Mirror" Universe. If the Prime Universe's Borg Collective and its Queen were created by a female Caeliar enslaving Humans from the United Earth Starship Columbia NX-02 on the planet Arehaz in the year 4527 BCE, then I'm inclined to assume that the Mirror Universe Borg Collective and its King were created by a male Caeliar enslaving Humans from the Terran Imperial Starship Columbia NX-02 on the planet Arehaz in the year 4527 BCE unless proven otherwise.

Another thing: Destiny makes rather heavy use of characters from the 24th century, most of which are Starfleet. So this couldn't even happen in the MU, since by that time, there is no Starfleet anymore...
Well, we don't know what name the Galactic Commonwealth's space service will retain. Memory Omega seems to be acting as the Commonwealth's de facto space service, and might retain that name. But it's also possible that the Commonwealth might establish its own Starfleet. Hard to say.

But, yeah, I'd say that the Borg Invasion seems, for now, to be an unlikely event to experience a parallel in the Mirror Universe -- if only because the Borg King has no particular reason to target the Galactic Commonwealth just yet. Of course, who knows what might happen in a few decades?
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