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Re: Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions by David Mack Review Thread (Spoi

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^ About the Borg...not important really, but one of the TNG MU stories says that the MU Borg travel in diamonds, not cubes, and have a King instead of a Queen. I wonder what diverted to cause that to happen.
I can easily see the I.S.S. Columbia NX-02 encountering the Caeliar as a result of a Romulan attack, being taken hostage, rebelling, and then winding up in 4527 BCE on Arehaz, only with a Caeliar creating the first drones instead of Sedin, giving rise to a Borg King rather than a Borg Queen. All this really requires is that the Mirror Universe Borg Collective be started by a male Caeliar rather than female.
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