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Re: What Are You Eating/Drinking Right Now?

Homemade pizza! We never buy pizza any more, because I have everybody spoiled with what I make. I use one small box of Bisquick biscuit mix for the crust. The beauty of it is that 375 degrees for 18 to 22 minutes makes it come out perfectly consistent every time. No more crusts that are hard, rubbery, doughy, gooey, or anything like that.

Today, I put on red onion, portobello mushrooms, red-orange-and yellow bell peppers, sliced black olives, nitrate and nitrite-free pepperoni, anchovies, mozzarella-provolone-parmesan-romano-fontina-asiago shredded cheese blend, and also grated parmesan-romano over the pepperoni because it toasts so nicely and blends with the flavor of the pepperoni. All of that on top of my own custom tomato sauce which includes a generous amount of honey to moderate the acid in the tomato paste. No skimping on the sweet basil, either.

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