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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit?

[QUOTE=DonIago;6098149]Just because a writer has a character do something doesn't mean that they endorse that action. If so, you'd never have antagonists in fiction.

I don't agree with Janeway's decision, but I don't think the writers necessarily intended for me to do so, or that they themselves do."

Oh well, I would hope the writers of Voyager (and maybe KM herself since it's reported she had a lot of influence re: Endgame) wouldn't have intended to set up their own heroine (at least the most lead character of their show) to commit a "criminal" and perhaps reprehensible act in the show's very finale, would then seem to indicate they didn't think much of her. Now, one of Voyager's creators, Jeri Taylor, wasn't around any more, but Rick Berman was, so would he have approved the story of Endgame if it was so very wrong-headed? Would wonder then if the writers intended for the viewers to be disapproving (yes I guess some were/are) regarding Voyager's ending and KJ's actions, instead of being happy Voyager got home. Anyway, guess hindsight can be complicated, but it would appear there is an attitude of at least some at Pocket Books now that KJ's actions weren't correct, what's in print could be said to show that. But that's just what I might think, am not speaking for others.
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