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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

46. Attenberg (B)

Attenberg: This Greek film from 2010 is just now making it to the United States. It's only the second feature film to be written and directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari, but you almost wouldn't know it. Outside of some issues of pacing (I could cut out 5 minutes without removing any content) it's a very assured work, with a camera that is at times fluid and at other times content to remain perfectly still, in both cases often featuring very long takes. Where the film is a little clumsy, I think, is in the writing. It's essentially about two things: Marina's sexual awakening and her relationship with her dying father. Only the through-line with her father makes it to the end of the film; Marina's early experiences with sex (which seem to be the main story early on) fade more and more into the background as the film goes on, leaving a bit of a disjointed feel. No matter, though. The films is at times very funny, and cute, and the three main performances (Marina is played by a first time actress) are all terrific.

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