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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit?

Another author has stated here on BBS that KJ's actions in Endgame were (in his opinion, but is a major one, so would seem to have influence) just as bad as those of (old) Admiral Janeway (whose actions were selfish and criminal). If that segues to she "deserved" to die (rather shocking, I think), of course not saying are his thoughts. Also, at a 2011 convention at a panel re: KJ returning or not, one of the official moderators said as such, there's probably a transcript of the audio feed somewhere. So that attitude seems to be present in higher places (beside any fans saying that). But, tho I think such an idea at Pocket Books exists (after how KJ was treated in Before Dishonor for me it's not hard to), I might better have said the "purported" attitude, since is not an official admitted editorial fact. That saying, I also don't believe KJ was "responsible" for the Borg War, is too convenient an excuse to blame one person, but that's just MO. BTW, calling both KJ's actions in Endgame wrong seems to say one thinks the writers of Voyager TV were also wrong, sort of an interesting thought. PS Am kinda sorry I mentioned this, and then instigated any controversy, but too late now I guess! Meanwhile, am both exited and worried about this book, at least the cover is fab, lol.

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