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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

I just finished it...kind of what I expected as well concerning Faith's father who gets a name in this issue. There seems to be two ongoing themes in this book. The first of course being redemption, the secondary theme being pain and more specifically how each of us deal with (emotional pain). The temptation to have it "magically" be taken away would be pretty great for most of us I think. A natural human response. It was funny to see Nadira give a version of Captain Kirk's I need my pain speech to Faith during their encounter. It is interesting to see how Nadira is mirroring Faith how she was before.

Despite what she claims, Faith has changed and evolved, she isn't the person we first met in the series. She is still haunted obviously by that past and her upbringing but that is again only natural, just as Angel has been haunted by his and continually trying to make up for it. It is very remarkable to me though what a great duo these two are for one another. It would be tempting as a writer to pair them up romantically, I'd like it if that happened, but also understand why it isn't. Ultimately though I think these last couple of issues have been the weakest of the series so far...the most interesting aspect of this arc is of course Dru!
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