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Re: Anchorman 2 will DESTROY the Top 376 Films of ALL TIME!

I remember going to see Anchorman in the theatre, and I was the only one laughing. When Baxter started barking at Ron, and they understood each other, I was in hysterics. I think more people were looking at me than the movie! I knew it wouldn't be popular, but I didn't care. I think it's a comedy classic.

It seems over the years, though, it's also turned into this cult classic, which I'm really happy about. As far as lacking in the story department, I think you need to look at it kind of like a Monty Python movie...a funny bunch of people getting together with a vague idea to string together a bunch of hilarious ideas, sketches, and Whose Line Is It? type comedy sequences.

But if you don't like that kind of thing, or don't like Will Ferrell, don't bother. You're never going to like it. If you're looking for a great story, you obviously don't get it and it's not for you. Which is totally cool.
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