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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit?

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From witnesses that heard David Mack say this very thing at Fedcon in Germany last year.
So... hearsay? Hearsay about the word of a freelance novelist who did not actually write or edit the book in which Janeway was killed, and who is neither the editor nor the author of the Star Trek: Voyager novels?
Not exactly hearsay when you are hearing the report from a reliable witness first hand, as in my case. I have personally spoken to one of the witnesses (actually I can contact at least two of them). This person is reliable and someone I trust.
No, that's still hearsay.

Do you really believe that David Mack has no influence on Pocket Trek,
Of course he has influence on the other authors at Pocket. And the other authors at Pocket have influence on him. But that doesn't mean they're all alike in their dramatic opinions or in their thinking. One need only look at how different in tone a typical David Mack book is from a typical Keith R.A. DeCandido book to see that.

(Seriously, compare how Mack depicts the character of Federation President Nanietta Bacco in his novel Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game to how DeCandido depicts her in Articles of the Federation. The difference is striking--she's much more idealistic, much less belligerent, much less Machiavellian in DeCandido's hands than in Mack's. These people do not all think the same way.)

or that the "Destiny" books haven't influenced every other single book written in the NG/DS9/Voyager time frame since?
Irrelevant, because the decision to write the death of Janeway was made long before Destiny was ever conceived of, and happened in an entirely separate book. Articles of the Federation was incredibly influential, too--doesn't mean DeCandido dictated the opinions of every Star Trek author, or that his book dictated the contents of every novel published afterwards.
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