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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit?

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I'm not aware of a single author or editor at Pocket Books who thinks that Kathryn Janeway deserved to die for being arrogant. From where did you get this idea?
From witnesses that heard David Mack say this very thing at Fedcon in Germany last year.
So... hearsay? Hearsay about the word of a freelance novelist who did not actually write or edit the book in which Janeway was killed, and who is neither the editor nor the author of the Star Trek: Voyager novels?
Not exactly hearsay when you are hearing the report from a reliable witness first hand, as in my case. I have personally spoken to one of the witnesses (actually I can contact at least two of them). This person is reliable and someone I trust.

It was also said in a public book signing at Fedcon so there was also no reasonable expectation of privacy either. I am also pretty sure it was said on Saturday night, but I could possibly be wrong about that. This witness has personally autographed books (with inscriptions that include the name of the recipient) by David Mack to prove she did actually speak to him. I have seen them.

Do you really believe that David Mack has no influence on Pocket Trek, or that the "Destiny" books haven't influenced every other single book written in the NG/DS9/Voyager time frame since?
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