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Re: Janeway against the Xindi...

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Jonathan should have been comfortable igniting the atmosphere to get Vosk, gosh Enterprise's Phase Cannons should have been able to burrow straight down 40 miles until they triggered a Volcanic reaction and all of America sunk into the ocean. Space Nazis my ass.
I want to see Archer sink the United States just to spite some space Nazis.
Allaric on Vampire Diaries has a magic ring that lets him come back to life after killed by a super natural forces... So when a regular bog standard serial killer has stabbed him in the tum tum and he's bleeding out, after this the only way to survive is to get his supernatural friend to kill him first supernaturally before he dies natrurally, to trigger the ring healing/knitting-back all the nigh terminal damage while hes dead.

Same principle.
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