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He also appeared as that little globe with 3 snake heads sticking out of it, didn't he?
And the globe that was chasing them.
I hadn't really planned on counting the globe that chased the Enterprise. I wasn't sure if we could really say it was him or just a fancy light show. After all, he's omnipotent. He doesn't need to chase them

It's been about a day, so I'll give the total list, of which there's still a few missing. The ones no one got were

Safarier from Q-Pid

Goofy Doctor from Tapestry

Smoke apparition from Deja-Q (Tricky one, that)

And the reason I asked for a more specific answer about Starfleet uniforms wasn't because of suit design, but because he has worn 3. Captain, Admiral, AND

Commander (3 Pips in Hide & Q)

The complete list in order of appearance

16th century explorer (Basically a Vasco De Gama costume) (Farpoint)
20th century military dress (Farpoint)
21st WWIII soldier gear (Farpoint)
Floating judge (Farpoint)
Starfleet captain one piece suit (Farpoint)
Aldebran serpent (Hide & Q)
Starfleet admiral (Hide & Q)
French marshall (Hide & Q)
Data (Hide & Q)
Starfleet Commander (Hide & Q)
Monk (Hide & Q)
Nude (Deja-Q)
Federation civilian "Not my colors" (Deja-Q)
Mariachi (Deja-Q)
Smoke Apparition [In Picard's cigar] (Deja-Q)
Safari dress (Q-pid)
Sheriff of Nottingham (Q-pid)
God robes (Tapestry)
Flower delivery man (Tapestry)
Bonestell Bartender(Tapestry)
Early 20th century doctor (Tapestry)
Deaf old man (All Good Things)
Starfleet 2 piece captain suit (Which I wasn't originally going to differentiate from the other Starfleet captain suit, but what the hay)

23 total, but I'd have taken 22 for the varying starfleet captain suits, which is a very minute difference, & one I wasn't planning on distinguishing between

Not sure who to say got the most. Alrik was the last to add one from my list, with his birthday suit answer
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