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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion

This show is so freaking irritating now.

"We've come up with a way to kill Klaus..."

Oops...lost because once again, he's planned ahead of them. But they killed Finn...the LEAST dangerous of the originals. Brilliant.

Bonnie is super-super witch that can undo a spell that needed many witches (living and dead) to even be performed. But Bonnie isn't super enough to say, be of any real use to the good guys most of the time.

"Send Jeremy away to protect him."

They found him within 3 months.

"We can still kill the originals."

But it may mean the end of all vampires due to bloodlines. (Good bye Cassidy Freeman...short stint guest star)

"Just kill Klaus"

Whaaa! That will kill Tyler (good riddance!).

Rebecca helps Klaus...then he reminds her why he's a dick that everyone should want dead.

They whittled 12 white oak stakes..but what did the dumb asses do with the shavings? Can't they put in bullet or something? How dumb were Damon and Stephan to tell their buds they made 12 stakes anyway. I'd have said half that number if I told them at all, which I would not have because they are bunch of damned screw-ups (and head case in Alaric's case)...not that Stephan and Damon are any better.

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