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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit?

Janeway didn't deserve to die because she was arrogant, psychotic, or inconstantly written (on the TV series). She deserved to die because of her actions in Endgame, when she willingly went along with her future self to change the timeline to suit her own selfish needs. And in the process wiped out countless lives, and caused the Borg invasion that got herself and Sixty Three Billion People killed and the Typhon pact to form.

Sure, the Borg were finally defeated during their invasion of the Federation, and in the long run that was probably a good thing. And the sixty three billion people who were killed were probably just a necessary sacrifice. Just like in our own history World War Two was necessary for our run of relative peace. We understandably still held the people responsible for WWII and the Holocaust responsible.
As should the Federation hold those responsible for the Borg invasion responsible. If Janeway does come back to life, she should have to spend the rest of her life in prison for violating the Temporal Prime Directive, which ended the existence of countless lives, and caused the deaths of sixty three billion people.
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