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I - Surak - find T'Pol in all seasons agreeable.
Somehow, I'm not surprised.

If you ask me, T'Pol is the sole reason Mr. Lemon watches Enterprise.
Hey at least he watches it! Count yourself lucky. Other than occasionally laughing at something the EMH says while he passes through the room mr. teacake never boldly goes.

As to T'Pol I was quite smitten with the character the first two watch throughs of ENT. I still really appreciate her story of a flawed Vulcan who struggles her whole life to suppress her emotions and eventually gives in to temptation to see what it is all about. I like how we get backstory from her mother that affirms this and how it's woven seamlessly into her character. I think she is at home on the human ship because there no matter how flawed a Vulcan she might be she is actually Super Logical Emotion-free Person to them. It's like me showing old people how to google, my tech powers just wow 'em and they are none the wiser. It makes sense for her to find relief outside her own culture.

However the third and fourth rewatch she started bothering me. The extreme thinness in season 3 (which was explained to me on this BBS as being a result of the actor being quite ill). The constant eye twitching back and forth, the head twitching as she seemed to be unsure which way to look before each sentence. The story line of T'Pol was still excellent but I was finding her irritating on screen. This was kind of weird as normally with each rewatch I end up loving stuff I was meh about or disliked previously in any Trek series to the point of just flat out loving everything.

Old T'Pol was pretty impressive.

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