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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Yeah, the Defender startled me the first time - even with my Photonic Fleet I was barely getting it down to 70% hull! Took a while but I beat the thing... then I got wise and upped my DPS to the max, concentrating on one shield only...
Really? Every time I took one down it maybe took 2 minutes at the most. Most the time it was about 15-30 seconds and *boom*. I fly a cruiser. We're talking the Defenders with the regen bug, right?
The regen isn't a bug per se: The ship actively uses healing and other abilities to counter whatever you attempt to use against it. They're designed for five man teams in some upcoming event. It was quite nice to see it use science team to clear my energy siphon for example. The ship even tries to keep its weak shield facings away from you.
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