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iCloud, and getting it to work!

I'm trying to sync my Google Calendar with iCal, and have it available to me via iCal through, but am hitting some stumbling blocks.

Initially, I'd had some trouble setting up the "Find My iPhone" app, but finally sorted out my issues with it.

Now that it is activated (yay), I'm being prompted to sign in to

Except won't accept my AppleID and/or password. I keep getting a notification to "check your email address for instructions on how to verify account." ... which I don't have or see and as near as I can tell, has never been sent to me.

It is maddening, as the AppleID and password worked in "Find My iPhone." And while this isn't the same password as my iTunes account, neither password allows me access to iCloud.

So help me TrekBBS, you're my only hope. What am I doing wrong here? Is it a Gmail to Apple fudge up, or is it something easy to fix? Or is it that I'm just a complete moron?

(Maybe don't answer that last question...)
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