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doubleohfive covered that one up-thread I believe.
The three headed snake thing but not the Globe that chased the Enterprise.

So we have:
-TNG Season one jumpsuit - the captain's uniform, mirroring Picard's.
-TNG season 3-7 uniform - the captain's uniform, mirroring Picard's
-"Q as Data" in "Hide and Q"
-12th century monk in "Hide and Q"
-French Marshall's uniform
-Starfleet Admiral dress uniform
-US Army General uniform
-21st century drug-addict security guard
-Judge's robes
-17th century sailing captain uniform (the pirate costume)
-"These aren't my colors!" jumpsuit from "Deja Q"
-Mariachi costume
-Sheriff of Nottingham costume
-white "God" robes
-Flower delivery man "I'm looking for a John-Luck Pickerd!"
-Bartender outfit at the Bonestell bar
-"Grandpa" Q in "All Good THings..."
-Three headed snake.
-Globe that chased the Enterprise D.
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