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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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My only issue with how Shane died, was how he died. As in being killed by Rick and then put down by Carl. I personally would have preferred that Carl actually killed Shane to protect his father. You could have kept the same setup, with Shane leading Rick out into the woods, with Carl following them. I would have had Carl find the gun that Shane hid and that Shane would have been killed with his own gun. I think it would have been a little more satisfying in the end, to me at least.
Nah, I think the final showdown had to be between Rick and Shane, and Rick killing his best friend.

Carl shooting Shane might have played well in the comic, but as established in the series I just don't buy that he would have had the guts to do it. Plus him holding the gun on his father seems like a much more unexpected and surprising development to me.
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