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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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What I am interested in is (barring Lori, ugh) I find the general dialogue writing of the show to be significantly greater than the comic. The characters are harder to like, but I prefer what they say. In fact I had to stop reading the comic because the writing was so damned trite. What the comic does better, however, is the general storytelling, the motivations of the characters. Kirkman to me is a little like George Lucas - nice, fun, big ideas, can't write them for shit.
Yeah I know a lot of fans seem to want that simpler, more comic booky approach, but I really like how the writers are attempting to make the show feel as real and emotionally honest as possible.

Even if that risks it being a bit too slow or soapy at times, I still find that a lot more interesting than if it was just a string of crazy characters and shocking events.
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