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Re: Janeway against the Xindi...

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There are no hot men on VOY.

Contrast this with ENT.
You forgot to mention Shran.

And Kemper.

And Hawkins.

And I'm sure I'm forgetting some other hottie.

Now -why- wouldn't people want to watch this show, I wonder.
OH SHRAN how did I forget him!

And yes, why oh why do (some) people still think ENT is some kind of inferior Trek. It's fantastic.

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I smell crossover, baby!

So here's the plan..

Janeway would initially butt heads with Archer but he is also her kind of guy. Has some similarities to the fiance she left behind and to the Work Force lover. He also has a dog which would win him 10,000 points from the the Auburn Queen whose beloved dog is now with the ex-fiance. I'm not a huge Archer fan but I have to say he is her most likely match on ENT and not a bad one either as far as her tastes go.

B'Elanna, oh thank god we've got her in ENT Land now, enough with the Top Gun boy. I'd match her with Trip as he likes challenging women and them both being engineers would be a huge plus for the relationship. He likes to have cut up and have his fun but he's a lot more interesting and adult than Paris.

7 of 9. Reed would very much admire her bum. Trip would no doubt be attracted to her but she doesn't need that emotional vulnerability that T'Pol wanted from him so that would not fly. I wouldn't mind seeing more personality in Hayes, a back story, and pairing him with 7. He's VERY efficient, LOL.

If Kes was there she would work very well with Phlox both in a maybe-relationship and in the sickbay itself.

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