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Re: Vanguard: Storming Heaven by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

My review:

I spent the last several months longing for this book and I was not disappointed in the least. Storming Heaven was the epic conclusion that such an epic series deserved. Vanguard hasn’t merely been good Star Trek, it has been good science fiction; beyond even being a work of science fiction, it has been a wonderful story about consequences and redemption that kept me reading for the characters as much as the story itself.

I think what I enjoyed most about this conclusion is that although most characters got what they deserved, some of the wonderfully developed good guys met undeserved tragic ends. I’ve read many books where authors won’t kill off beloved characters out of what I imagine to be emotional attachment or a desire to use them again. However, in Storming Heaven I was grateful for the realism of heroic characters dying while doing heroic things with one in particular dying alongside those he was attempting to save thus making a worthless sacrifice. As saddened as I was by that particular loss, I was struck by the realism of soldiers who sometimes die knowing their nobility was in vain. In fact, I was shocked that more key characters didn’t die.

Another highlight about Storming Heaven was the moral conundrum between Dr Marcus, Ming Xiong and their Vault colleagues. I was struck, not only by how well the issues about enslavement, incarceration without trial, and weapons of mass destruction were executed, but also how relevant these topics are to readers. David Mack made me think about my stance in regards to these issues, especially with Carol Marcus’ statement, “Inside every cynic is a disappointed idealist.”

David Mack’s action sequences didn’t disappoint, as usual. The final Taurus Reach showdown was as long and dynamic as I was hoping for after reading the series.

I am very satisfied with Storming heaven and Vanguard itself. I’m glad I followed David Mack’s recommendation that I read these. As much as I wish I could see more of these beloved characters, I’m thoroughly satisfied with the conclusion to their story.
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