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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Rosario Dawson's a Trekkie, so I support anything she does. I'm also glad to see A&E contemplating a scripted drama on an interesting (if a tad overdone, currently) topic. I can't think of any scripted dramas they do right now. They've fallen entirely off my radar.

That astrophysicist-vs-antichrist pilot is now called Dark Horse, according to thefutoncritic's ABC pilot guide.

There are more complete summaries of ABC's pilots. 666 Park Avenue sounds fun - Desperate Housewives-meets-Rosemary's Baby. I'm kind of eh about The Last Resort - if they're getting weird orders from the White House, then the real story is not happening on some remote tropical island, is it? Dark Horse, Gotham and Zero Hour sound interchangeable. ABC only needs one of the three. (Dark Horse sounds the most intriguing to me.)

Meanwhile, over in comedy-land, the "Melrose Space" show has a title - Down to Earth - where they're introducing a trope beloved of fanfic writers: male pregnancy.

I'm looking forward to seeing NBC's list which may shed more light on the pilot formerly known as Revolution.

The CW grows up?

Sounds like The Selection is a safe bet to go to series and we probably should be happy if Cult doesn't. (Damn, I was looking forward to Alaric vs T-Bag.

More details about the ABC pilots.

Just as CW is moving into the older demographics, ABC seems to be poaching on FOX's male demographic with more action-centered fare.

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