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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Admiral Aaron
B is for Berengaria VII, where Spock once saw an actual native dragon.
C is for Cytherians, who want you to pay them a visit
D is for Dolim
E is for Edith Keeler
F is for Frank, young Jim Kirk's mean and abusive uncle in deleted footage from TREK 2009.
G is for Gorn
H is for Hikaru Sulu
I is for Ivor Prime, a Federation outpost attacked by the Borg in late 2373.
J is for Jara. Tuvok's "one that got away". Proving even Vulcan males can be whipped.
K is for Ketracel-White, mmmm.
L is for Leeta, the yummiest Dabo girl in the entire Alpha Quadrant.
M is for M'Benga, doctor of coolology
N is for Nuclear Wessels (where are they please?)
O is for Obsession
P is for Potemkin, the name of a starship in both the 2260s and the 2360s
Q is for Quinn, Cervantes
R is for Romulan Star Empire
S is for starship. What does God need with a starship?
T is for Tiberius
U is for United Earth
V is for Valeris. Unwitting pawn of the Romulan Star Empire.
W is for World War III, the bloodiest war in Earth's history and killing some 600 million people.
X is for Xon....that Vulcan that was supposed to show up in TMP.
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