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In the first two seasons she lacked personality, her outfit was vile and the way she was always pouting really annoyed me.

When they gave her a softer look in season 3 and she became more "emotional", I liked her better.
Couldn't agree more. S1 outfit was dreck. But I think she was finding her feet, and I really started warming to her around Carbon Creek. I think it's interesting how quite a few, mostly young-ish, actors really improve over seasons - Blalock, Visitor, Eisenberg, Siddig, Keating, Trineer - while other more seasoned ones are there right out of gate: Shimerman, Robinson, etc. And then there's a few like Meaney, Doohan, Burton who never seem to change (hmmm, is there a pattern there with engineers?). And others like Montgomery and Wang who never improve
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