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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x15 - "Inside Out"

Thanks for commenting, Wally.

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FINALLY. The relaunch had left this one hanging since "Abyss". Vaughn talked a big talk there, and then did (seemingly) nothing for several years. Nice to know that other stuff has been under the surface, and that at least he has been thoughtful enough to let his superiors know.
Like the thing with the Wa, I felt like there were some tiny moments here and there that were setting something up with Vaughn and Ro. Straight away in Avatar, there's the moment where he talks to Kira about how Picard spoke up for her, and tried to ask Ro herself how she liked the tactical course he designed. In Fragments and Omens, he says he knows what "really" happened on Garon II. Little bits and pieces like that, which I thought were leading somewhere. So I decided to follow where they went.

As to why I decided to do it now, well it all came out of The Soul Key again. Taran'atar killed L'Haan. That led to the katra thing. Which led me to our L'Haan and Section 31. Which led me to the business with Bashir, and now with Ro. And I've been setting this up since the first ep of the season, where Vaughn says to Batanides, "I have someone else in mind, and not who you'd think." He's referring to Ro and Bashir respectively there.

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I find the explanation of what really happend in Ro's past a little overly convulted, but I guess that's to be expected whenever Section 31 is involved so there has to be some suspension of disbelief there.
I don't know that it's that complicated. They do love to manipulate people to do what they want them to do - we saw that in "Inter Arma" and Abyss, among others. They just put certain people together and created the outcome they wanted.

If Vaughn knew what "really" happened, well that suggested to me that Section 31 must have been involved. I looked at what had already been established about the Garon II mission - in the TNG comic "The Choice," which I incorporated into my episode 9 "Blank Slate" - and tried to figure out how S31 could possibly have been involved in it, especially since both Ro and Akaar had to genuinely believe it really was her fault.

The answer was them manipulating events behind the scenes. Why? To kill one of the people who died there. Who? Wade, who was the most prominent non-Ro character in that scene. Why? Because he was in Vaughn's group. Which is how Vaughn knows about it. And Ro was just the scapegoat, but it affected her life and self-esteem ever since. If she hadn't taken the fall for a S31 mission, maybe she would have never got kicked out of Starfleet the first time, and everything could have been different.

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I had figured Bashir was going the Season 1 Tom Paris route, so that wasn't too much of a surprise. But wasn't expecting him to need saving. In retrospect Ro seems like an excellent choice to join this group. It would be nice to see if 31 could ever be brought to task over all they have done. They always just slip away.
Yeah, with Bashir, I was aware of the similarity with the Tom Paris storyline (nitpick - that was actually s2 of Voyager, not s1). Just like I was aware of the Ro painkiller addiction storyline being like T'Pol's trellium addiction. And I was worried about both while plotting the season out, and whether I should drop the plotlines altogether. But I reasoned that in both cases, I came to the ideas based just off the characters and the plots of the season, not through any desire to "copy" anything, and therefore I could get away with it. I think the stories work with what's been established about both characters, and are vital for their arcs for the season.

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I also appreciate through Ro, for the first time I believe, someone has remarked that they actually agree with some of what 31 has done. Yes, they function almost completely against the intent of the UFP- but let's not forget, it was these guys whom essentially won the Dominion War (with the help of Sisko doing some underhanded trickery himself, bringing the Romulans into it). Also love DS9 allowing for some shades of grey.
Ro not really thinking they should get involved with the Eavoq actually comes out of a moment in Warpath, where Ancient Bajoran General Renla (aka Ro in Kira's prophet vision) says exactly that - it's none of our business, let's just wait it out behind the mountain. And since that is precisely what I thought S31's motivation would be as well, it made sense to add it up. But it does also tie into, as you say, the grey moral areas that S31 are ideal for exploring. If one of our main characters actually agrees with them, can they really be that bad?

Believe it or not, I actually do have more to say about this episode. But I'm hoping to stimulate a bit more conversation and comment first. Anyone?

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