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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

As for the non-AvX related Marvel releases...

FF 16-- It really sank in reading this issue how much I'm going to miss Johnathon Hickman when he leaves. Just about everything in this issue was pure gold, especially where Valeria was involved. From her thoughts about her older self -- "I don't like her. I don't like her at all". To older Valeria's verbal response, "Right back at you, kiddo". To her thought about Bentley-- "Someday, when I'm older, I'm totally going to kiss him."

The conversation between older Franklin and "Galen" (and Franklin is probably the only who could get away with calling him that) was-- frankly a bit mind blowing.

The end with revelation that (SPOILER ALERT!) Doom survived his encounter with the Celestials and his discovery of all of the Dooms that the council of Reed's lobotomized made for a dark capstone for the whole "Council of Reeds" storyline. "The Parliament of Dooms", indeed. And, thanks to Val, Doom knows how to repair all of those Doom's minds. Yup, she's grounded for sure.

I like the updated uniforms. Next issue looks to be fun with Johnny moving into Pete's apartment.

New Avengers 23-- The already spoiled ending to the "Dark Avengers 2 saga". In the end, I liked this end of the story--"New Avengers vs New Dark Avengers"-- much better than the "Avengers vs Osborn" portion of the story in the "main" book. To the point that it's almost shocking that they were written by the same writer. I'm not a Bendis basher-- frankly I've mostly enjoyed his Avengers run-- but the Avengers leg of this inter-twined arc is probably my least favorite arc of his in his whole run.

Daredevil 10-- ARE YOU READING DAREDEVIL? You should be.

This continues to be one of Marvel's best books. The conclusion of the Mole Man arc was equally sad, disgusting, touching and creepy. That the Mole Man would do all of that for the reason that he did... *ugh*.


The Mega-crime arc is forwarded by the revelations that Felicia did not betray Matt for the money and that his security is inadequate to hide the Omegadrive from Mega-crime. I'm glad Felicia didn't do it. She's one of those characters that you just never know about. I'm thinking that the reason that she's hooking up with the Defenders soon is for protection from the enemies she made here.

START NEXT ISSUE!! It's a cross-over with Avenging Spider-Man and The Punisher!

And as for the ending, have we seen the first cracks in Matt's happy-go-lucky facade? Is he going nuts? Or have Mega-Crime found a way to trick Matt's radar? To be continued...

Oh, and if I haven't mentioned it yet... Read Daredevil!

Oh, all right... Avengers vs X-Men 0-- As has been said in the other thread (although not by me), not much happens here. The Scarlet Witch has essentially been out of circulation in Marvel universe for about eight years of real time. There are a lot of new readers who know don't really know who she is. On the other side of the coin, we have Hope-- a fairly new but extremely important character that new and returning readers alike might not know. The two stories were entertaining, but in the end, probably skipable for those who are caught up with the story.

For what ever reason, my LCS didn't pull Captain America and Bucky for me, even though I saw it on the wall. Something else that was on the wall that I didn't see was Avengers 24.1. I wasn't specifically looking for it and my shop doesn't pull the .1 issues with your subscription. I really wish I had picked that one up, especially after reading the Scarlet Witch portion of AvX 0. I'll swing by the shop this weekend probably.
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