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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

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^ That was a great scene from that issue Turtletrekker well said about Scott as well, couldn't have done better myself. Despite my problems with the book and the dour tone, I have enjoyed Scott's evolution as a character. I just think right now he is becoming blinded and overwhelmed by his responsibilities. He has surrounded himself with "yes" people now...even Emma hasn't really questioned a decision from him in a while. This set's a dangerous precedent for me. Logan was one of the few who were willing to say "no" to Scott IMO.
Equally well said. It's true that Scott has developed a bit of tunnel vision regarding certain things. And it's not lost on me that even as I defend Scott from accusations of villainy and following Magneto's path, that in the previews for AvX #1 we see Magneto himself making the comparison. Perhaps it will be turn out to be true in Scott's case, what they say about good intentions.
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