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Janeway against the Xindi...

It was a different time, however, how do you think that Janeway would have handled the Xindi threat. I for one hope knowing what was at stake she would have thrown the Prime Directive out the airlock. And would have done whatever needed to be done, Archer stole that ships Warp Coil, Tortured that one prisoner, Killed the staff on that moon based sentry complex and other things I just can't see Janeway doing. This is the same Captain that busted Herron for killing this insect life form that was wasting the environmental controls on the Delta Flyer. Although she did almost kill crewman Lessing for messing with those weird life forms to enhance Equinox's warp drive. So, she can do things that need to be done, that probably go against the Prime Directive. All in all, I would want Capt Archer instead of Janeway fighting the Xindi, what do you think???
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