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Re: Last Star Trek Episode You Watched

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I shudder to consider what your favorite is. "Shades of Grey"?
Jammer gave "Barge of the Dead" a full 4 stars out of 4, I'm pretty confident I have good taste
So what? Jammer is but one person. If he liked it, that's great, but it doesn't necessarily follow that because he did, the episode is any better or worse than someone else might feel.

And you don't need to shudder, you can check out my top 30 favorite trek episodes video in my signature.
No thanks.

Also, I don't think "Second Skin" is derivative of "Face of the Enemy" at all. I was on tenterhooks for most of "Second Skin" wondering whether Kira really was a Cardassian end enjoying Kira's mental acrobatics trying to get her head around it all......nothing like that was on display in "Face of the Enemy".
Apart from the MacGuffin gimmick of having a central, female character whisked away to an alien culture and being surgically altered in order to complete a mission for external parties, you are right about this. There's very little similarity between the two episodes, thematically or contextually, outside of the aforementioned gimmick.
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