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Re: Could we have an alien Captain?

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2. I could see that, though I would prefer anyone but Worf. Yes he was a good character, lots of development and storylines, Mr Dorn did an excellent job of bringing him to life, etc, but I think he's been overused and I don't think there's anything more to be done with him. Besides, due to his actions on DS9, Sisko said it was extremely doubtful that he would get his own command.
What did he do?
During an important field mission in the midst of the Dominion War to extract a Cardassian informant with vital intelligence on the Founders hiding within the Federation, Jadzia was critically hurt. Rather than leave her behind to die and continue with the mission, Worf went back for her. The mission failed, the informant was killed, and the intelligence on the whereabouts of the Founders was lost.

Worf received a reprimand afterward and Sisko expressed his opinion at the time that Worf may have ruined his chances of getting a command of his own. However, that was fourteen years ago.
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