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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

The Dark Knight
The Flash

Aquaman: Not too bad, an issue that seems to be more about setting up the current arc. Artwork in this book is still beautiful.

Superman: A very good issue in my opinion. Good artwork and good use of Superman in the book as well as setting up the villain for the current arc. I still don't think I'm completely sold on this look for Superman but there was some good things in this book.

The Dark Knight: A big battle with Bane and the book's current "White Rabbit" arc it's been running since the beginning comes to an end. This book I'm actually coming around too and not finding to be all that bad, it also makes nice use of Superman and Flash helping Batman.

The Flash: The artwork in this book is gorgeous as are the page layouts. The story is going along good with Flash having to deal with some of the consequences of the problems his powers can cause.

All-and-all, a good week of pulls from DC!
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