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Re: Dark Shadows, the 131-disc DVD set

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^ AFAIK, the original series has at least a whole season go by before Barnabas even shows up.
Netflix starts with the arrival of Barnabas and I think it's in the 200s.
Yeah, this was a factoid to me. I was at an FYE and they had several sets of the DS show for sale and one or two sets contained the phrasing of such "Before Barnabas Arrives" on the packaging.

That set in the OP is massive. A fan would likely buy this to have vs really sitting down over time to rewatch 1,200 episodes. I mean crap, you'd need a flowchart to try and find episodes of interest or main focus.
Why is everyone so amazed at 1200 half hour episodes?
If you were to sit down and Watch Star Trek TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT (IE: A Complete rewatch of all the Live Action Series) that would be equivalent to just about 700 hour Long episodes, which would be 1400 episodes Dark Shadows. I just finished DS9, and when I finish UFO and Space 1999, I'll move onto another Trek show rewatch. Surely Trek fans who own all the Series plan to watch each one another time?

Dark Shadows is a Soap Opera, and only half hour episodes, so, you wouldn't be likely to grab a random episode, if anything, you might watch a Storyline period.

Not long ago, and possibly still, many Soap Opera watchers, who had to work, would tape their soaps and come home to watch 1-3 hours a night of their soaps. 3 hours is 6 episodes. So, although it may take a year or two (or more) to work your way through it all, it no different than coming home each night and watching the Day Time programming you recorded.
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