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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Have you checked out the Calender for April yet?
If not, do so now.

Holy Content, Batman!

There seem to be some sweet things coming our way.

new Lockbox... oh well

APRIL 2012*
29. Defera Event Update + More Timeslots
29-2. Q XP Weekend
29-2. Special Promotion (TBA 03/29)
1-7. Klingon Awareness Week (Community)
5. New Klingon Mission
5. First Contact Day
5-9. First Contact Event
12: New Lock Box
13: New Horror-Themed Episode
18: Foundry Challenge #2 Voting (Forums)
26: C-Store Update
New Event in The Vault
Foundry Challenge #3
*Subject to change
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