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Re: Prometheus: Ridley Scott returns to Sci-Fi

I have just read the script Shadow 19. This is the one that some say was the basis for Prometheus. According to both Scott and Lindelof the source script was reworked. We do not know for sure that this script is the source, so take this for what it's worth.

Possible spoilage ahead.....

Centers on a space marine that is transferred to a top secret ministry of science type project that no one outside of their group truely knows about. They are involved in terraforming on a distant world through the use of a number of automated machines deployed there by a mother ship called Prometheus. As usual things are not what they seem. The marine has to make a tough decision.

It's okay. It kinda reminds me of a segment of the Outter Limits. It relies a little too heavily on technolgy and VFX tell the story. Its a lot like what you might get with Bruckheiner, Bay, or even Anderson. I am not sure how this had any affect on Scott's Alien prequel project when it was given to him, aside from the ships name.

I do think a few ideas might end up in the film one of them is the "Transporter". It's a unique spin on the concept. Course I could be wrong. Been wrong before.
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