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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Star Wars/Star Trek is more cola vs. lemon-lime sodas (7-Up, Sprite, et al).

More graphic novels/comic books being developed for TV?

Seagle's original graphic novel Kafka -- revolving around a government-enhanced agent on the run -- is being developed for television with the Kenneth Branagh Co.

"Kafka is a thriller, an espionage piece, a romance and a noir and each of those aspects is being dovetailed into a paranoid world of government agents gone rogue," Seagle tells THR. "The story deals with themes of loss and redemption and does a very cool trick with what I call super powers even though it is in no way a spandex show."
Is the main character's superpower that he can turn into a cockroach?

Here's something that sounds fascinating - Showtime is working on a sci fi sounding series with Salman Rushdie.

Salman Rushdie’s Next People ... deals with the radical pace of transformation in contemporary American life -- from politics and religion to technology, science and sexuality.
That doesn't sound very sci fi, but Rushdie has also described the series as "a sort of paranoid science-fiction series, people disappearing and being replaced by other people." Now we're talking!

Stephen King's Under the Dome is still alive and kicking at Showtime as well.

Looks like Showtime wants to be the crowd-pleasing antidote to HBO:

Subversive characters remain a critical piece of the Showtime mandate, but with Nevins, there's a bigger push toward mass entertainment. He acknowledges that he largely shuns the slower-paced snootiness that has come to define a genre of cable, preferring instead what he describes as particularly relevant and broadly entertaining fare.
Expect Showtime to do genre fare that isn't "straight ahead" (by which I guess they mean, not something that comes directly from a known genre like high fantasy or zombie horror). We may be in for more sf/f comedy (which would be great to see on cable):

Straight-ahead genre fare is off-limits, for instance, because HBO (Game of Thrones) and AMC (Walking Dead) are already there, though many suggest he's clamoring for their commercial impact.

Genre comedy, on the other hand, is an area Nevins hopes he can own, and he's working to get the script right on an adaptation of the graphic novel Chew, about an FDA agent who cracks cases by tasting his evidence.
And more on SyFy's Defiance. Oh please, they're blowing up the Golden Gate Bridge again?

They're sticking with the game-show overlap idea, but in different parts of the country:
Both the game and show will take place in the same universe, with the TV action set in a mining boom town outside St. Louis, Missouri; while the videogame will follow a cast of characters in California.
I love the idea of Julie Benz playing the spunky, embattled mayor of an Earth town overrun by sneaky aliens. Never heard of the others, except Graham Greene, who's never made much of an impression on me, acting-wise.

Still skeptical about the game-show overlap. I can't see any substantial overlap being possible without making the show writers' lives too difficult. They've got enough of a challenge just getting a show with aliens to survive in the hostile wasteland of SyFy.

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