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Re: UT: Refugee Crisis / Bluefin - "Trajectory"

CeJay wrote: View Post
So you're telling me the Border Service doesn't always get to play with the coolest, newest toys? That they are not the pride and darling of the Federation?

Yeah ... whatever ...
I know, I know - it stretches believability.

Bry_Sinclair wrote:
I feel for Zhar. Poor old thing.
Yeah, this isn't your typical baddie ship. It's lost, bewildered and scared. I have to admit I feel sorry for it myself.

But I won't say whether everything ends well for Zhar or not.

TrekkieMonster wrote:
I like how you bring to mind again the differences between the Bluefin's bridge as compared with the other ships of this era, that we're used to from the screen. Nice touch. Unfortunately, in my mind when I'm reading this, I do often envision a full Constitution-refit type bridge, until you remind us that it's not quite that ... "luxurious".
Thanks, TM. Bluefin's bridge is somewhat larger than the bridge of an Oberth-class ship (think USS Grissom from STIII: "The Search for Spock"). But still smaller than a Connie - same basic layout but more cramped.

Also, nice touch with the pseudo-living ship idea. I'm also very intrigued by the little bit about the current "passengers" not being the original or the creators.
Ah, nice bit of observation, TM. More on the 'passengers' later.

Curiouser and curiouser ....
Heh. For me as well. I still have to finish writing this brain-bender.
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